Yoga for Glowing Skin: Myth or Truth?

An ancient practice which has been used for ages for its myriad benefits recently got a new lease on life. In today’s perspective where all things natural be it healthy eating or healing techniques are fast gaining popularity; Yoga has emerged as the frontrunner! From developing mindfulness to relieving stress and from creating beautiful, glowing skin to healthy heart; Yoga can take care of everything.

Yoga for Glowing Skin
Are Skin Problems Common and Why Yoga?
There are various factors such as improper digestion, hormonal imbalances and unhealthy, stressful lifestyles which can lead to many skin problems. Premature appearance of wrinkles, acne, pimples, and lustreless skin are a few problems which women face frequently.

• Stress, unhealthy lifestyles, excessive use of smoking, alcohol consumption, drug addiction or bad eating habits are the factors causing premature aging of skin and appearance of wrinkles.
• Hormonal changes, pollution or changes occurring within the system may cause acne.
• Problems in normal digestion also cause pimples.

This problem becomes more pronounced when for the treatment of different skin disorders you are given steroids or chemical agents which have serious side effects. They only suppress the symptoms and do not provide cure to the problem. In addition, their use may lead to;
• Metabolic disorders
• Skin eruptions
Hence, a natural therapy such as Yoga is your best bet to cure skin problems and even prevent them completely by practising it regularly.

Does Yoga Work?
Answer to this question is, yes it does. Yoga has been effectively and beneficially used for a healthy skin. The key to a glowing skin is healthy skin and relaxed mind. This is what Yoga helps you in achieving.
Yoga teaches you to take charge and address the skin issues by eliminating the causes. The practice of Yoga, the practice of asanas, breathing techniques and internal cleansing of the body help you in taking care of factors such as poor diet, poor stimulation of the circulatory and excretory systems and final accumulation of the toxic waste which is the root cause of skin eruptions.

Yoga Postures
There are many yoga postures which can enhance the blood flow to the head and the face area thus improving the skin conditions. The ‘asanas’ or yoga postures which are good for the improvement of skin health are all inverted postures and forward bends such as Cobra pose, fish pose, plow pose, shoulder stand, triangle pose and child pose. All these postures help in increasing the blood circulation towards the head and help in achieving a clean, healthy and glowing skin.

Cleanse Body and Mind
Yoga practice can assist you in cleansing your body, mind and soul. Some skin types such as oily skin are more prone to acne and it is important in this case to soothe the skin and eliminate all the toxic substances. Breathing exercises are found to be extremely useful in providing a cooling effect to the skin.

Improve Digestion
A lot of skin problems will be taken care of by improving the digestive process. Various postures such as Wind-relieving posture, kneeling pose, bow pose, alternate nostril breathing, skull-shining breathing technique should be performed on empty stomach for best results. These postures have a detoxifying effect on the digestive system. The forceful exhalation involved in Yoga postures is a detoxifying technique which naturally results in a healthy and radiant skin.

Throw the Stress Out of the Window
Yoga recommends meditation; twice a day and daily. Meditation will act as that natural and long lasting make up which you are always looking out for. Meditation awakens the mind, releases the stress and creates peace within you. This helps you in radiating from inside.

Facial Yoga Exercises
Yes, there are specific facial yoga exercises which should be practised every day in the comfort of your home. The facial yoga includes massaging your jaws, massaging your eyebrows, and ‘kiss and smile technique.’ These are helpful in tightening the face muscles, reduce stress, give instant relaxation and exercise all your face muscles to create a firm, supple and glowing skin.

5 Yoga Asanas for Glowing Skin
These Yoga postures will help you in achieving a glowing and radiant skin.

Mountain Pose (Tadasana)
The first and foremost thing to do is to draw oxygen in the body as it releases harmful toxins from the body and helps in the optimum functioning of the vital organs. This is an easy standing pose which allows you to concentrate on deep, rhythmic breathing which is undoubtedly the most essential element of healthy skin.

Forward Bend (Uttanasana)
Start with bending over at the waist, keep your eyes closed, and let the head hang. This helps in clearing the toxins and improving blood flow within. Start with doing this asana for one minute in a day and later on progress up to 5 minutes. In this posture, the blood flows at an increased pace into the face, enhances oxygenation, improves nutrition and free radical fighting elements into the face, encourages renewal of the skin cells and creates a rosy glow. This is the easiest forward bend while regular practitioners can also use downward facing dog pose or hip-opening child’s pose for a healthy skin.

Seated Twist (Bhardwaj’s asana)
Twisting positions are highly beneficial for improving digestion and efficiently eliminates toxins from the body. Elimination of toxins is always good for healthy skin. Twisting should be followed with deep, cleansing breath.

Chair Pose (Utkatasana)
The chair pose helps in enhancing the heart rate, improving the blood flow throughout the body, and encouraging the skin to eliminate toxins through sweat. It also helps in lengthening and strengthening the thigh muscles. Other similar poses which are also helpful include Warrior I and Half-moon pose but these should be tried by advanced practitioners.

Legs up the Wall Pose (Viparita karani)
This is an inversion pose which is an advanced posture difficult to achieve. Inversions including headstand and shoulder stand help in increasing the blood flow to the face. These postures require clear focus, regular breathing and a great amount of endurance which will help in cleaning out the system.

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