Your Eyes are Your World

Puffy eyes, dark circles under the eyes, sagging eyebrows are signs of fatigue, stress, unhealthy lifestyle and aging. These create cosmetic issues which are minor in nature but leave a very unaesthetic appeal. It is fortunate that naturopathy and many other preventive solutions exist today to provide relief from these problems. Before embarking upon a certain therapeutic treatments there are certain natural means aimed at resolving these minor but significant and sometimes unavoidable cosmetic problems.


Know your body
Sometimes knowing the cause of a disorder or problem plays an instrumental role in following up measures to prevent it. You should always be able to assess the tell-tale signs of a problem in this most delicate skin of your face. Eyes are most susceptible to fluid volume changes due to dehydration, water retention or aging. Dehydration causes the vessels under the eyes to be seen through, appearance of dark circles and swelling of tissues. The process of aging also causes the loss of fat and hence thinner and sagging skin.

Believe in “you are what you eat!” Diet plays the most important role in preventing puffiness under eyes. It is essential to have a low carbohydrate diet with foods rich in Vitamin A,C and E to reduce puffiness and maintaining clear and well hydrated skin. Drink the recommended amount of water for good health.

Sleep position
Sleep on your back with your head raised high to ensure drainage of fluid from the face. This reduces puffiness and dark circles.

There are no oil glands in the area around the eyes and hence it is very important to keep it hydrated. Moisturizing creams and under eye gels are very helpful in building up the fluid, restricting the blood vessels around the eyes and tightening the skin.

Cold compress
Natural cold compress made of bags of ice, cold spoons, tea bags or frozen vegetables will help in the reduction of swelling. Cold compress functions to constrict the blood vessels and prevents the flow of fluid into the tissues.

Consider some non-invasive treatment
Microcurrent is a non-invasive treatment which helps to activate the lymph system, reduce swelling, tone and strengthen the muscles around the eyes and create brow lift. Regular treatment sessions followed up with maintenance session gives the skin a refreshed appearance and eliminates the dark circles and puffiness.

A Microcurrent session for eye comprises of oxygenation which produces vasodilation, and stimulates the production of red blood cells which carry oxygen and nourishment to the skin. Oxygenation treatment phase has been successfully used to treat dark circles, puffiness and jowls. It is also known to produce a plump, luminous and fresh skin. This can be done in almost 3 minutes. In this treatment, gliding movements with flat probe or tips are used to bring about desired results.

In eye treatments there is a tingling and fluttering light as the Microcurrent stimulates the optic nerves. Other than this there are no adverse effects.

Yoga and yogic kriyas have been used since times immemorial for the treatment of dark circles. A regular practice of ‘sarvangasana’ has been known to give good effects. Jal neti is another yogic kriya which gives positive outcomes. The most important thing to be mentioned here is that any yoga should be done in consultation with the professional experts of yoga.

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